Crystal London’s Inspirational Poetry and Gift Cards

Hello, my name is Crystal London,

I publish poems for people like you who have just expressed situations they have been going through and after listening to them, I create an inspirational poem to help uplift these fine people as a gift. From many poems written I have created my second book called Been N Ur shoes Christian Inspirational poems and spoken word.

Friends and family have encouraged me to branch out, and to create more “experiences” rather than just two-dimensional books, so I will do my best.

So, I welcome you to this place where you can relax and tune into the latest inspirational messages I receive to inspire me to continue to write and create messages to hopefully heal you and uplift your spirit in the latest ePUB3 technology.

Taking Our Message to Others

In this “multimedia zone” you will read about some messages I get from spiritual dreams. Some are about love and light and some are about deliverance from the unknown. My first eBook is called If I’m Crystal London, then who are you? It is based on my personal deliverance from depression over 17 years now, Praise God.

I did say I was an author, and I certainly am. I wrote Been N Ur Shoes. In addition, I write inspirational greeting cards for many different occasions.

My goals in my writings are created to inspire you and remind you that “God is!”  His light will guide you to the truth if you just have a clear and open mind. 

With the help of messages from the Holy Spirit as I am writing and editing my words. I want you to hear from God in my poems and not from my own personal opinion. We share those messages here.

I have also created 5 unique inspirational greeting postcards for families who have suffered the loss of a child or children, called Livangel Creations. They’re designed to send a message from their baby or babies in heaven to let the parents know they are their guardian angels now. Please see the above video. 

It was created from a vision God gave me 7 years ago.

We have the Mommy postcard, I remember postcards and also Daddy postcards that you can send to anyone anonymously. I sell them in different languages as well.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my interface and method you will use to experience me and my friends.  Please read the following instructions to utilize our technology to your maximum benefit.

The Crystal London Experience

First, you must sign-in to my Embellisher Multimedia eReader. This will be the mobile platform where your multimedia greeting cards and three-dimensional spiritual eBooks will be sold. Some will be free, some will be priced, but they will all contain the Word, so you can send it to everyone who wants to hear it!

Simply click here to access the interface to register. Then, click on the little man on the top-right and enter your email and a password. Write the password down or save it for future use.

You are now designated as a “reader,” or even an “author/publisher.” As an “author/publisher,” you’ll get to join us inside the Creator Studio to experience the live video exchanges via Google Hangout, or the online chat sessions.

You’ll notice the two books in your desktop library. This is where all your new multimedia eBooks will appear when they’re offered. If you want to start your own online experience, please view my Administrator’s book, “Building Your Digital Marketing Platform.” This book, and the other sample, also introduces you to the technology you will use inside my creations.

There is access to our private Forum, where you can talk online in groups. Also, you will be permitted to create your own ePub3 eBooks, which is great for kids to do to keep them occupied. When/if you want to “upgrade” to an unlimited access subscription, you’ll be able to transmit your creations to others who sign up to your private “Administrative Account.” Please email my administrator to see how to pay for this exclusive subscription.

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